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  • 0.4.0 986fdbe7a7

    Arav released this 2020-11-19 01:34:33 +04:00 | 26 commits to master since this release


    • For 2ch.hk check for if a file is a sticker was added;
    • Encoding for !op.txt file was explicitly set to utf-8;
    • Handling of connection errors was added so now program won't crash if file
      doesn't exist or not accessible for any other reason and if any damaged files
      was created then they will be removed;
    • Added 3 retries if file was damaged during downloading;
    • To a scraper was added matching of hashes of two files that happen to share
      same name and size, but hash reported by an imageboard is not the same as of
      a file. It results in excessive downloading and hash calculations. Hopefully,
      that only the case for 2ch.hk.


    • FileInfo class is now a frozen dataclass for memory efficiency.


    • Found that arguments for match function that matches for image.ext pattern
      were mixed up in places all over the parsers;
    • Also for 2ch.hk checking for if sub and com was changed to subject and