A tool for scraping files from imageboards’ threads.
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This is a tool for scraping files from imageboards' threads.

It extracts the files from a JSON representation of a thread. And then downloads 'em in a specified output directory or if it isn't specified then creates following directory hierarchy in a working directory:

<imageboard name>
|-<board name>


scrapthechan [OPTIONS] (<url> | <imageboard> <board> <thread>)

<url> -- URL of a thread.

<imageboard> <board> <thread> -- imageboard name, board name and thread ID separately. E.g. 4chan b 1100500.

-o, --output-dir -- output directory where all files will be dumped to.

-N, --no-op -- by default OP's post will be saved in a !op.txt file. This flag disables this behaviour. An exclamation mark ! in a name is for so this file will be on the top of a directory listing.

-S <num>, --skip-posts <num> -- skip given number of posts.

-v, --version prints the version of the program.

-h, --help prints help for a program.

Supported imageboards


  • Sane rewrite of a program;
  • Thread watcher.