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Calculates cost of electricity.
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Calculates cost of electricity.

How to use

$ kwh-cost [OPTIONS] price wattage interval [interval ..]

Options are -v, --version to show program's version; and -h, --help to show usage of a program.

price is a price per kWh. wattage is how many Watts being consumed. interval is for how long.

interval is in seconds, but you can specify a unit. Units are the following: m|M for minutes; h|H for hours; and d|D for days. There could be as many intervals passed as you need.

Here is an example:

$ kwh-cost 4.02 120 30d 2h

Will give 348.29.



Just run make install to build and copy executable in /usr/local/bin/, set a PREFIX= variable to change a default /usr/local path. Or just run make to only build an executable.

Use make uninstall to delete it (don't forget about the PREFIX= variable if you previously set it), or just delete ${PREFIX}/bin/kwh-cost by hand.

A LICENSE file is also being copied to ${PREFIX}/share/licenses/kwh-cost/LICENSE.

For ArchLinux

You can take a PKGBUILD file and in a directory with it run makepkg -i.