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HTTP service that returns a list of process' names with boolean values that respectively telling us if process is running or not. For UNIX-like OS only.
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httpprocprobed Ver 2.0.1

License: MIT+NIGGER.

This utility provides a HTTP /processes GET endpoint that returns a list of processes, and if they are currently running or not.

There are currently three output formats available: JSON, XML, and plain text.

JSON is a default format if Accept header didn't provided, or did with value application/json. Its form is {"process":true|false, ...}.

XML is provided if Accept: application/xml header was given. Its form is <ProcessList><Process name="process">true|false</Process>...</ProcessList>.

Plain text is provided if Accept: text/plain header was given. Its form is a comma separated list of ONLY running process' names.

Configuration file is a simple key = value storage consisting of listen_address string field in form "[<ip|host>]:<port>". indented_output boolean in form true|false, to enable indentation of JSON and XML output. And processes is a space separated array of process names.



Run these commands one after the other.

$ make
$ make install

In order to uninstall run these commands:

# systemctl stop httpprocprobed
# systemctl disable httpprocprobed
$ make uninstall
# systemctl daemon-reload

For ArchLinux

You can take a PKGBUILD file and in a directory with it run makepkg -i.