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Alexander Andreev ac02190659
A proper check for a service status. 2023-12-16 04:27:32 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 34d469319d
Set timeout 1 second for GatherStatus(). 2023-12-16 04:27:03 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 86fdf05322
Version set to 23.50.0. 2023-12-16 03:34:39 +04:00
Alexander Andreev dbdf8ba62b
Updated Minecraft info. 2023-12-16 03:34:11 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 331781b711
Updated versions for mccl and httpprocprobed. 2023-12-16 02:48:32 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 4ec84b5f1e
Updated service names. 2023-12-16 02:46:31 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 319471fab3
Updated x/image and mattn/go-sqlite3 packages. 2023-11-10 01:47:39 +04:00
Alexander Andreev e5e07af896
Fixed title attrib for a jabber link on about page. 2023-10-30 04:03:40 +04:00
Alexander Andreev a0c1272b3c
Version set to 23.44.0. 2023-10-30 03:56:19 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 9962251279
Changed About page a little. 2023-10-30 03:55:06 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 5539cd7357
Added mccl on stuff page. 2023-10-30 03:54:47 +04:00
Alexander Andreev e705aa80a5
In mindflow admin changed grid template. 2023-09-25 18:49:26 +04:00
Alexander Andreev b0b1730699
Added a .quote class for mindflow. 2023-09-25 17:10:07 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 000b5d1dce
In Makefile from target run a -guestbook-owner argument was removed because it was hardcoded lately. 2023-09-25 16:58:08 +04:00
Alexander Andreev cbaa2f32b4
Added a check for an empty line when check for a quotation in mindflow.pug. 2023-09-25 16:57:20 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 24cf81a3ce
Moved a link to a footer of a post. Removed "Link:". Add span element if there is no URL, because justify-content: space-between is used, and without an element a date will move to the left with display: flex, even with text-align: right. 2023-09-25 16:55:42 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 5bc4f13c38
Added qouting formatting in Mindflow. 2023-09-25 03:21:49 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 134ed23450
Added PREFIX in Makefile and in PKGBUILD in package(). 2023-09-25 02:17:12 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 33cd1dc3b8
Well, actually... Let's hardcode guestbook owner. :) 2023-09-25 01:56:54 +04:00
Alexander Andreev a3525418f1
In about.pug: liquidsoap replaced by ezstream. 2023-09-25 01:13:14 +04:00
Alexander Andreev fb7459c021
Added a tip for that quotation exists in a guestbook. 2023-09-25 00:34:55 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 85a3a9692e
A big revamp for mindflow and RSS. First of all, now RSS is 100% valid and has actual links instead of just a link to a post in a mindflow. Also, on mindflow page each post that has a URL field set has it displayed as Link: ... . 2023-09-25 00:23:06 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 906f73c8a6
Refactored flags in main.go. 2023-09-24 21:33:08 +04:00
Alexander Andreev a464a11ea8
In errorXXX.pug fixed tabulation to spaces. 2023-09-24 20:51:51 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 03e7c478e0
GetArticleMetadata() was replaced by Metadata public slice. 2023-09-24 20:44:03 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 948715d8eb
Fill Metadata slice in init(). Removed GetArticleMetadata. A slice instead was made public. 2023-09-24 20:43:36 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 9e33fa359b
Nah, let's remove bin/, so executable will be built every time. 2023-09-24 20:42:30 +04:00
Alexander Andreev fe87114fe0
In Article HTTP handler a loging for web.GetArticle() was changed. 2023-09-24 20:00:49 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 48e7a86312
Part of GetArticle() for loading an article from a file was moved out to init() func. 2023-09-24 20:00:17 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 72b09218f8
In web/articles.go made use of a constructor. Also, since a constructor returns a pointer, map also now stores a pointer to Article. 2023-09-24 19:05:22 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 7f17ebd2c5
In Article struct switched positions of Title and Date fields. 2023-09-24 19:03:29 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 0695aa46b3
For Article added a consturctor func New(). 2023-09-24 19:02:43 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 1c3f0c7b2c
Added b32.i2p address in nginx.conf. 2023-09-24 18:47:21 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 5b57592370
In Makefile a bin/ prefix was added to ${TARGET}, so make could see an executable and not rebuild it every time. 2023-09-23 21:51:49 +04:00
Alexander Andreev caf096c0f6
In rss.pug fixed date formatting. 2023-09-23 21:49:09 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 20729899b0
In Makefile long lines was wrapped. Also removed .txt extension. 2023-09-23 21:48:40 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 2b32422754
In Makefile's install target fixed copypasta mistyping. 2023-09-23 20:00:03 +04:00
Alexander Andreev cb08e6e334
In Makefile's run target replaced arg names by theirs new long names. 2023-09-23 19:58:47 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 6895c1c0a6
For whatever reason Go doesn't fill r.URL.Scheme. So let's get it directly from Scheme header that is being set in nginx's proxy_set_header Scheme $scheme. 2023-09-23 19:57:53 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 98e948f982
In rss.pug fixed link tag. Jade treats it like an HTML's link self-closing tag. 2023-09-23 19:56:12 +04:00
Alexander Andreev a315679847
On stuff page: updated version and release date for kwh-cost. 2023-09-23 05:24:11 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 90ce3c74f0
Oh, actually, a whole directory for licenses is supposed to be removed on uninstallation. 2023-09-23 05:22:27 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 38dadee5af
On stuff page: updated description for PiggyBank. 2023-09-23 05:13:43 +04:00
Alexander Andreev f572f4b3e5
On stuff page: commented out auto-claimer-vkpl because it stopped working and I don't bother to fix it; Updated version and release date for httpr. 2023-09-23 05:11:08 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 1aaf2e8474
Added my name and surname in a footer. 2023-09-23 04:46:25 +04:00
Alexander Andreev db34c5d249
Made cmd arguments long. 2023-09-23 04:37:48 +04:00
Alexander Andreev ff70cd8ade
Fixed a comment for GetArticleMetadata() func. It is actually is being sorted by ID, not data. 2023-09-23 04:25:32 +04:00
Alexander Andreev fbb4389065
In GetArticle() func removed unnecessary else {} nesting. 2023-09-23 04:23:33 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 69493f50aa
In web.go removed a comment for how to install a Jade compiler. 2023-09-23 04:20:31 +04:00
Alexander Andreev 35ac352490
Added missing license file for Share Tech Mono font I use. 2023-09-23 04:18:36 +04:00